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David M. Beliveau
Waltham, MA
Experience: 17 Years
Business Law
Estate Planning
Real Estate
I focus my practice on asset protection, business law, civil litigation, estate planning, estate & trust administration, Medicaid, real estate, and taxation. I have experience with buy-sell agreements, corporations, Charitable...[ Learn more… ]
James M. Milligan
Norwell, MA
Experience: 18 Years
Drunk Driving
I am a seasoned Massachusetts drunk driving defense lawyer dedicated to aggressively representing and defending people charged with drunk driving (OUI, DWI, DUI). I am one of the only few lawyers in Massachusetts that is board cer...[ Learn more… ]
Sheila C. Harrington
Groton, MA
Experience: 30 Years
Real Estate
Family Law
I have practiced law in the Nashoba Valley community for over 20 years. I am a successful and decisive litigator, with a talent for getting to the heart of the issues at hand.  My extensive professional experience is primarily in...[ Learn more… ]
S. Tracy Fischer
Danvers, MA
Experience: 29 Years
Family Law
Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation and is often the best option for couples. I am an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator and family mediator, and I help clients find the best way to resolve their divo...[ Learn more… ]

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