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Howard S. Goldman
Needham, MA
Experience: 35 Years
Real Estate
Business Law
Trial & Litigation
I concentrate my practice in business law for closely held companies, real estate, litigation, conveyancing, condominium law, civil litigation, and financing. I have been admitted to practice law in both Massachusetts and Rhode Is...[ Learn more… ]
David S Katz
Westborogh, MA
Experience: 35 Years
Business Law
Trial & Litigation
I handle business litigation needs for many national corporations, including Subway, Office Depot and Starbucks. I also serve a large number of regional and state clients and, in every case, demonstrate an unwavering commitmen...[ Learn more… ]
Michael Akerson
Worcester, MA
Experience: 27 Years
Trial & Litigation
Business Law
Employment Law
I maintain a diverse and successful litigation practice, focusing upon complex litigation and representing both individuals and corporations in all stages of litigation and in pre-litigation strategy. I am recognized as one of the...[ Learn more… ]
Gary Owen Todd
Boston, MA
Experience: 27 Years
Family Law
I have successfully negotiated, mediated and tried family law issues ranging from divorce, custody and parental rights to complex support, property division, removal, modification, and contempt actions, both at the trial court ...[ Learn more… ]

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