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Austin M. Joyce
Worcester, MA
Experience: 39 Years
Personal Injury
Trial & Litigation
I am a Worcester litigation attorney with emphasis on personal injury, police misconduct and discrimination cases.  I offer a free initial case evaluations for all personal injury cases including car accidents, slip and falls, an...[ Learn more… ]
Michael M. Franklin
Worcester, MA
Experience: 28 Years
Family Law
Criminal Defense
I am an experienced divorce attorney, family law attorney and criminal defense attorney. My practice is statewide with offices in Worcester, Massachusetts. I have an outstanding reputation with judges in family law, probate and c...[ Learn more… ]
Lawrence L. Krasnow
Framingham, MA
Experience: 38 Years
Personal Injury
Elder Law
Trial & Litigation
I concentrate my practice in civil law including personal injury, wills and trusts, elder law, real estate and arbitration. I have represented parties in thousands of personal injury cases for three decades. If I may be of assis...[ Learn more… ]
S. Tracy Fischer
Danvers, MA
Experience: 31 Years
Family Law
Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation and is often the best option for couples. I am an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator and family mediator, and I help clients find the best way to resolve their divo...[ Learn more… ]

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