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David M. Beliveau
Waltham, MA
Experience: 15 Years
Business Law
Estate Planning
Real Estate
I focus my practice on asset protection, business law, civil litigation, estate planning, estate & trust administration, Medicaid, real estate, and taxation. I have experience with buy-sell agreements, corporations, Charitable...[ Learn more… ]
Stephen G. Morte
Marlborough, MA
Experience: 35 Years
Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
My firm is consistently and reliably prompt in communicating with clients. We understand that while the results of the case are by far the most important part of the legal process, respectful treatment, frequent communication, and...[ Learn more… ]
Marco A. Schiavo
Malden, MA
Experience: 13 Years
Business Law
Real Estate
I am dedicated to serving individual and business clients with unparalleled legal representation in the areas of real estate law, bankruptcy and business law. If I may be of assistance to you, your family, or your business please ...[ Learn more… ]
Alan S. Fanger
Wellesley, MA
Experience: 27 Years
Wills & Probate
Trial & Litigation
I am a litigation attorney. I handle disputes primarily regarding business, real estate, and probate related matters. Litigation often requires creative, outside-the-box thinking. I pride myself on using creative approaches that i...[ Learn more… ]

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