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Edward V. Cannon, Jr.
Franklin, MA
Experience: 25 Years
Real Estate
Business Law
My practice concentrates in the areas of representing corporations and individuals in business and real estate matters. My business practice includes assisting clients with issues surrounding the creation, operation, merger and di...[ Learn more… ]
Eric P. Rothenberg
Needham, MA
Experience: 40 Years
Tax Law
Estate Planning
I concentrate my practice mostly on tax law including, partnerships, tax free exchanges, sales of businesses, individual tax planning, estate and gift tax planning and tax return preparation. If I may be of assistance to you, plea...[ Learn more… ]
S. Tracy Fischer
Danvers, MA
Experience: 30 Years
Family Law
Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation and is often the best option for couples. I am an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator and family mediator, and I help clients find the best way to resolve their divo...[ Learn more… ]
Lawrence L. Krasnow
Framingham, MA
Experience: 37 Years
Personal Injury
Elder Law
Trial & Litigation
I concentrate my practice in civil law including personal injury, wills and trusts, elder law, real estate and arbitration. I have represented parties in thousands of personal injury cases for three decades. If I may be of assis...[ Learn more… ]

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