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Attorney Stephen G. Morte

Attorney Stephen Morte
Experience:  40 Years
Area Served: Boston Metrowest

74 Main Street
Marlborough, MA, 01752

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My firm is consistently and reliably prompt in communicating with clients. We understand that while the results of the case are by far the most important part of the legal process, respectful treatment, frequent communication, and helpful information can help bring a positive legal experience to each client.

Many lawyers claim to do trial work but rarely, and sometimes never, enter a courtroom. I prepare each case in anticipation of a jury trial, and I will take any case to trial if litigation or a criminal trial will best serve my client. I offer years of proven results, with hundreds of satisfied and delighted clients, from Massachusetts car accident and personal injury law to employment, family, and criminal law. I invite you to contact me so that I may help resolve your legal problem.

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Suffolk University School of Law, J.D., 1979
Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A., 1976


Bar Admissions

Massachusetts, 1979
U.S District Court, District of MA, 1980


Professional Associations

Member of Massachusetts Bar Association
South Middlesex Bar Association
Boston Bar Association
Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Massachusetts Academy of Trial Lawyers


About Me

About Stephen G. Morte

Mr. Morte is a second-generation trial attorney; his father was a well-known trial attorney and the founding partner of DiBuono, Morse & Morte. In private practice since 1987, Stephen Morte and the staff at the Law Offices of Stephen G. Morte have provided experienced legal services and excellent client service in thousands of cases.

Attorney Morte began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in 1979. While there, he prosecuted all crimes, including operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol; drug offenses and sex crimes. Attorney Morte worked in most of the District Courts in Middlesex County as well as supervising the Jury of Six Division in Framingham, before moving to Superior Court in Cambridge, MA.

After leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Attorney Morte worked for a medium-sized law firm in Boston. Here Attorney Morte defended numerous cases on behalf of Traveler’s Insurance Company and its insureds.



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Representative Cases

General Litigation:

A Sterling, Massachusetts company received a $575,000.00 settlement as a result of a counterclaim for damages related to a wood chipper that was contaminated by a fuel delivery person pouring diesel fuel into the hydraulic oil tank.  The settlement encompassed both damages to the machine itself in the amount of $50,000.00, plus economic loss for the time the wood chipper was unable to produce income for the company.

The case involved experts in the field of chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.  The case settled shortly before the selection of the jury.

Result: I negotiated a settlement of the matter where the father obtained shared physical custody of the boy and neither party owed child support to the other.


Legal Questions & Answers

You will have two avenues of recovery. First all your medical bills and lost earnings are covered under Personal Injury Protection up to the amount of $8,000.00. That means that if you have medical bills you should submit them for payment to the insurance company covering the vehicle that you were in. Also that insurance company should cover 75% of your lost wages. If you have medical insurance then the insurance company will only cover the first $2000.00 of the medicals and then it must be submitted with a letter to your health insurance company. In addition to the above you can bring a lawsuit for additional damages over and above your medicals and lost wages if you incur more than $2000.00 in medical expenses. It is important to call an attorney immediately after any accident to discuss your many rights.

In order for you to be successful in a medical malpractice case you must prove essentially three items; first, that your doctor was negligent in the care that he provided to you; second that you suffered damages : third that the damages that you suffered were related to the negligence. If your primary care physician left an instrument in your body, that certainly would be considered negligence and you would be allowed to recover for all damages that flowed from that negligence. There is a three year statute of limitations that runs from the date that you knew or should have known about the negligence. Please contact an experienced lawyer who works with these cases.

Yes, you would seek to modify the restraining order so as to allow you to either meet with her or communicate. This can be easily done by going to the court that issued the order and seeking to modify so as to allow contact.

The key to your question is that they gifted the property and as such have made no condition of repayment. Judges in divorce actions attempt to divide up the marital assets in an equitable manner looking at a number of factors including the length of the marriage, the source of the asset and the contributions of the parties. The judges are required to review many factors and as such you should certainly hire an attorney that works in the area of matrimonial law.

Under Massachusetts law you can bring a lawsuit against the negligent operator of a motor vehicle if you have been injured and your reasonable and necessary medical expenses are in excess of $2000.00. Typically your lawyer would sue the other operator and his insurance company would defend and or pay your damages. Lawsuits like these must be brought within three years from the date of the accident.

Generally speaking the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor is the amount of time one would serve. A felony which is more serious would be served in a state’s prison. A misdemeanor would be served in a house of correction or a jail. A felony charge would include crimes like murder, rape assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. A misdemeanor charge would include crimes like driving under the influence,larceny under $250.00 and a simple assault.

Generally the claim should be presented within thirty days. However that is not to say that all claims have to be reported within that time. It is advisable to speak to a lawyer who can assist you in preserving the evidence by taking pictures of the defective condition and preserving your rights and properly notifying the correct entity or owner of your claim.

This question involves the somewhat complicated issue of jurisdiction. Generally so long as you were married or last lived together in Massachusetts and you are a resident, you can file a complaint for divorce here. You would have served your wife the complaint through a sheriff or constable in the state where she resides and she would then be subject to the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts courts. Another alternative would be to hire a lawyer in the state where your wife resides and file a complaint for divorce there. Generally this would not be advisable as you will have to that state whenever there is a matter before the court. Ideally you should speak to a Massachusetts divorce lawyer who can help guide you through the process. You may always call my office to schedule a consultation: www.MorteLaw.com.

Since divorce is really a division of a partnership, you should start by gathering your financial information together. Preparing and understanding your financial needs and future needs is essential. Start by gathering tax returns, bank statements and credit card statements for the past three years. Gather up documentation about the value of your assets, including your house, pensions and retirement funds. Understand your financial picture by looking at both your income and expenses by preparing a financial statement, which will show the Court a picture of both your liabilities and assets. http://www.MorteLaw.com

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Stephen G. Morte provides legal services for people in the Greater Boston region including Acton, Ashland, Ayer, Berlin, Bolton, Boston, Boylston, Cambridge, Clinton, Concord, Framingham, Fitchburg, Grafton, Harvard, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hudson, Lancaster, Leominster, Lincoln, Lowell, Luneneburg, Marlborough, Milford, Natick, Northborough, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Stow, Sudbury, Upton, Waltham, Wayland, Wellesley, Westborough, Weston, Worcester; and throughout Middlesex County, Worcester County, Suffolk County, and Norfolk County Massachusetts.

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