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Attorney Bruce L. Watson

Bruce Lowell Watson & Associates
Experience:  41 Years
Area Served: Boston South Shore

21 Franklin Street
Quincy, MA, 02169

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I am a seasoned and experienced domestic relations attorney. I have practiced law for thirty-four years, representing over one thousand clients. Some attorneys may charge you less per hour, or ask for less in an initial retainer, but I am able to accomplish tasks quickly – at less total cost – and favorably because of my experience. I furnish my clients with my cell phone number and encourage telephone contact whenever necessary. I return telephone calls the same day I receive them. I don’t bill my clients for email and text messages, to encourage those forms of communication, but I know that a divorce proceeding is stressful and occasionally frightening. Therefore, I want you to call me when you need to speak to me and I promise to be available for such contact. I am with my client every step of the way. Some attorneys will send an associate to court appearances or depositions; I will not. I will appear with you on every court date. I will answer your questions before we appear in court. I will represent you zealously and effectively

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Boston University School of Law, J.D.,1978
Michigan State University, B.A., 1973

Bar Admissions

Massachusetts, 1978

Professional Associations

Massachusetts Bar Association
Norfolk County Bar Association
Quincy Bar Association

About Me

About Bruce Watson

Bruce Watson has been practicing law in Massachusetts for 30 years and has successfully represented numerous individuals in the civil and criminal justice systems. Attorney Watson’s practice concentrates on litigation matters involving divorce, criminal defense, attorney malpractice, and auto accident injuries.

Following law school, Attorney Watson worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts pursuing civil recoveries from doctors and other health care organizations. Thereafter, Attorney Watson worked for several law firms in Boston, concentrating on representation of individual health care providers and organizations and handling numerous plaintiff personal injury matters.

Bruce is an avid skier who has skied at many mountains in North America and Europe.


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Avvo Reviews

"Bruce was quickly able to understand the dynamics of my pending divorce in a caring, yet tactful manner. He listened to my concerns, desires, and expectations, and then formulated a more aggressive defense, though very much within reason. Throughout the process, he kept me informed of each development and promptly responded to every one of my inquiries, as we worked together. In court, and even dealing with the other party, Bruce was very respectful and well spoken, treating the proceeding with the dignity that I had sincerely hoped for or imagined. All of these traits resulted in an practically seemless process, with a fair and equitable settlement. I would certainly recommend Bruce Watson to anyone who would care to be represented in the highest regard. "

By Dave, a divorce client


"Mr. Watson answered all my questions, gave excellent legal advice, helped with all the paper work, and represented me in court. He helped immensely with a rather complicated division of marital assets. His fees were very reasonable as compared other lawyers I contacted. Attorney Watson’s advice and work resulted in a satisfactory conclusion to my marriage which gave me much peace of mind to move on with my life. I highly recommend Attorney Watson. "

By John S., a divorce client


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Legal Questions & Answers

There is a fee to file a divorce, and to get a summons. As of July 1, 2009, the filing fee is $200.00, plus a $15.00 surcharge, and a summons costs $5.00. Notifying your spouse, called service of process, can cost around $30.00 or more if he or she lives far away.

A Child Support order cannot be modified legally without going to court. You and your ex-husband may agree on higher payments, but if he falls behind, you cannot enforce the written agreement unless it has been entered as a valid Court Order or Judgment. In other words, that signed written agreement is not worth the paper it’s printed on unless a Judge approves it! While you can go to court yourself (you will need to file the Agreement at the Clerk’s office, file a written Complaint For Modification or Motion For Further Temporary Orders, obtain a hearing date, and both attend that hearing), I recommend retaining an experienced Family Law attorney. This is a routine proceeding for those of use experienced in this type of law, will not require an expensive legal fee, and the documents will legally sufficient to enforce the new agreement between you and him. Please call my office. I’ll be happy to speak with you about your situation and if you wish schedule a free in-person consultation.

The Massachusetts Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, an Alimony Reform law that becomes effective March 1, 2012. Under the new law, the duration of alimony depends upon the length of the marriage. For example, in marriages lasting five years or less, divorce alimony is to continue no longer than half the length of the marriage; in marriages six to 10 years long, alimony is capped at 60 percent of the length of the marriage; if the duration of marriage is 15 years or less, but more than 10 years, general term alimony shall be no greater than 70 per cent of the length of the marriage; if the duration of marriage is 20 years or less, but more than 15 years, general term alimony shall be no greater than 80 per cent of the number of months of the marriage; and the court shall have discretion to order alimony for an indefinite length of time for marriages longer than 20 years. For divorces in which alimony has already been ordered, there is a schedule will be established by which parties to the alimony agreement may appeal for adjustment. If you have questions regarding your divorce please feel free to contac tme directly for a consultation. Attorney Bruce L. Watson

Your husband’s deliberate omission of this account from financial statements filed with the court, documents produced to you or your attorney and from his answers to interrogatories amounts to a fraud on the court and will effectively destroy his credibility with the Court. You can force him to correct the Financial Statements he has filed with the Court. If he violated a particular court order by omitting this important information, you can file a complaint for contempt, which should result in his paying your legal fees, at least for the contempt. If you have already signed a Divorce Agreement, you should formally revoke your approval at once, and if the provisional Decree nisi has already issued, you can and should challenge the decree regarding the division of property as it was based on your husband’s fraudulent representations.

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With offices located in Quincy, Bruce Watson serves the entire South Shore region of Boston, including Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Cohasset, Dedham, Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Marshfield, Milton, Needham, Norwell, Norwood, Pembroke, Scituate, Quincy, Wareham, Wenham, Weymouth and the entire Boston South region.

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