First.... The Facts

  • Massachusetts currently has about 45,000 attorneys
  • U.S. Law Schools graduated almost 45,000 new lawyers last year
  • Over 2,000 lawyers passed the Massachusetts Bar last year
  • Massachusetts population is about 6.5m.
  • That equals 1 attorney for every 144 people.

Why AttorneyConnect

People seeking legal representation in Massachusetts have an overwhelming number of choices and today's consumer know that not all attorneys deliver the same value. Experience matters. Cost matters. Results matter.

Our mission is to connect consumers of legal services with highly qualified, experienced, and reputable Massachusetts attorneys. Quality is important! All our attorneys have 10+ years of experience, have detailed profile information and are screened for license and disciplinary concerns. We exclusively promote solo practitioners and attorneys from small law firms as we believe they are the best and most cost effective legal representation for most consumers.

Why do we have such selective criteria?

We know consumers want you! You, the seasoned solo practitioner, are quite literally the core of the legal profession. On one side are those young attorneys who have recently passed the bar and are trying to make their way. What they lack in experience they make up for with web savvy, technology skills, and aggressive online marketing tactics, but it is the experience the consumer wants. On the other side are large firms with significant marketing and advertising budgets, a small army of junior attorneys and paralegals pushing a high volume of work, and a team of technical experts to help them advance online, but consumers are wary of high costs, inattentive or indifferent care, and marginal results.

So what do consumers seek in the seasoned sole practitioner?

At this point in your career you have a solid base of experience in your area of expertise. You may have over twenty years dedicated to the practice of law, both at big firms and as a solo practitioner. You are as accomplished and seasoned as the big firm partners with a proven track record and a solid reputation to bank on.

Local Reputation
Today corporations and companies hire large law firms because they typically require expertise in many different areas of law. Individuals, on the other hand, hire attorneys not law firms, to handle a particular legal issue. When people search for an attorney, they tend to look for one that’s close to them, generally within thirty miles, and they start online with an Internet search. They search for attorneys who concentrate in the particular area of law they need, generalists need not apply. People want to read reviews, testimonials, and representative cases that connect with their own legal issue and helps validate the attorney’s credibility and reputation.

Today's consumers are wary of hiring big firm attorneys because of exorbitant hourly billing and the fact that work is often handed off to less experienced and less efficient junior attorneys. Your combination of legal expertise and local reputation, without the big firm’s high hourly rate, means you are the best option for most consumers seeking a solid return for their investment and proven results.

It's All Good - Let's Get Started!

This is all very good news for seasoned attorneys, but just because the consumer wants you does not mean they can easily find you! AttorneyConnect helps connect consumers of legal services with highly qualified, experienced, and reputable local attorneys. If you would like more information about joining AttorneyConnect, please email your contact information and put "Subscribe" in the subject line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .