Are they legally obligated to cover the closing costs on our Hopkinton home?

Michelle (Guest) on Wednesday, October 10 2012, 09:21 AM
We’re buying a home in Hopkinton MA and the seller signed an agreement to pay for our closing cost but apparently he didn’t know that what he signed was actually to do this. The sellers now understand that what they signed is a concession towards our closing cost but they never intended to pay it. They don’t even have a real estate agent as they are trying to save some money. Are they legally obligated to cover our closing costs and what can we do?
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    Replied by Attorney Chesley Oriel on Tuesday, October 16 2012, 11:36 AM · Hide · #1
    If the Agreement states that the Seller pays the Buyer’s closing costs, then the Seller is obligated to comply with the terms of the Agreement, or they will have breached the Agreement. We’d be happy to review the agreement and your rights with you and determine next steps.
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