Can an employer fire me after I give them notice?

Robert (Guest) on Tuesday, October 23 2012, 09:00 AM
I work in Worcester and have been employed at this company for over 4 years. I am moving to Florida in a few months to work for a competitor who offered me better pay and benefits. I’d like to give my manager substantial notice so she can hire someone else that I may help train but I’m afraid they will fire me on the spot and leave me without a job and paycheck until the move. Is it legal for them to fire me after I give notice?
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    Replied by Attorney Michael Akerson on Tuesday, October 23 2012, 09:16 AM · Hide · #1
    In Massachusetts unless you have an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement that would establish your right to continue your employment during the notice period, the employer may terminate your employment after you give your notice, if it wishes. Massachusetts is an employment-at-will state, which means that either party to the employment relationship may end it at any time for any reason that is not illegal.
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