Could I have a warrant for my arrest for a DUI that happend out of state 14 years ago?

Jake (Guest) on Tuesday, March 05 2013, 08:20 AM
I currently live in Wellesley but have an unpaid probation fine from 14 years ago for a DUI out of state. Could I have a warrant for my arrest now?
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    Replied by Attorney James Milligan on Tuesday, March 05 2013, 08:23 AM · Hide · #1
    It is entirely possible that you have a warrant for your arrest. You can go to and request a copy of your driving history from the RMV and see if that indicates a Warrant out for your arrest as the Courts will typically report such warrants to the RMV to suspend your license. Should you need help to resolve this issue please contact Attorney Milligan at 617-851-7155 or visit my website at
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