Do I need to amend prior years tax returns if I discover an error?

Joseph (Guest) on Monday, October 01 2012, 07:19 PM
While preparing our 2011 taxes I realized that there has been an error in the past few year’s MA tax returns (in the government’s favor) related to our Waltham home’s property tax. What’s the likelihood we will get audited? What’s our obligation to amend the prior year’s taxes and how would we go about doing it?
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    Replied by Attorney David Beliveau on Wednesday, October 03 2012, 09:51 AM · Hide · #1
    The likelihood of audit is hard to judge, but States have been getting more aggressive as revenues have fallen. Also, states now get more information from all sources and in lieu of full blown audits rely increasingly on return adjustment notices. There are even situations where the taxing authority can look beyond a three year statute to adjust tax due in more current years. Obviously, there are a lot of variables and a professional should be consulted to discuss the potential exposure.
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