How do I find out if the commercial property next to my home in Wellesley is responsible for replacing the fence.

Sharon (Guest) on Sunday, November 18 2012, 09:05 AM
I live in a neighborhood that abuts a commercial property. Behind all of our houses is a twelve foot fence that lies atop another 10 foot natural barrier. This was constructed during the development of the commercial property to protect the existing neighborhood from the view, noise, privacy, etc coming from the commercial property. Hurricane Sandy blew many segments of this fence down which now gives me and many of my neighobrs a direct view of the parking lot and the building. Noise has increased, lights from the building and paring lot lights now shine in to our backyards, and with winter coming I can only anticpate snow plows, etc. not to mention our privacy is gone. How do I find out their respnonsibilties of replacing this fence? Woudl it be written in some public documents?
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    Replied by Attorney Howard Goldman on Monday, November 26 2012, 10:56 AM · Hide · #1
    You can check with the Wellesley Town Hall first. You will want to ask either the building inspector or the Planning Board department about the zoning bylaws for the property. Most likely there was a special permit granted with requirements in managing and maintaining the fence. The building inspector is the one responsible for enforcing the bylaw and special permit requirements.
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