How long may a non-competition agreement last for in Massachusetts?

Gregory (Guest) on Thursday, October 04 2012, 07:31 AM
I am interviewing for a new job in the bio-tech sector and know that my old company that I left over two years ago had me sign a non-compete. How long do non-compete last?
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    Replied by Attorney Michael Doherty on Friday, October 05 2012, 02:16 PM · Hide · #1
    In Massachusetts, non-competition agreements are frequently required of employees by employers. These agreements must be reasonable both in terms of their geographic scope and in their duration. Such an agreement will expire at the end of its stated term. However, it is possible for the duration to be extended by the agreement of the parties. Non-competition agreements may include a provision which provides for the tolling of the term due to litigation or willful employee conduct, such as concealment of the breach by the employee or theft of confidential information. Some Massachusetts Courts have also extended the duration of a covenant not to compete based upon the conduct of the employee.
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