Is the rental company or manufacturer liable for a faulty product?

Chris (Guest) on Tuesday, March 05 2013, 07:56 AM
I was ussing a table saw that I rented from a store in Framingham. While using the saw I had an accident and lost the tips of my first and second fingers of my right hand. My coworker was a witness to the accident and confirmed there was no safety mechanism on the table saw. I'd like to know if the rental company or manufacturer liable for a faulty product and can I sue to help with medical bills and time out of work?
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    Replied by Attorney Steven Boris on Tuesday, March 05 2013, 08:02 AM · Hide · #1
    You may have a viable case against several possible wrongdoers or defendants. This type of Products Liability claim may involve not only the rental company and manufacturer, but any company or person involved in what is known as “the chain of commerce.” That means that the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and/or renter may be legally responsible for placing into commerce an unreasonably dangerous and defective product that caused an injury. Further, this legal liability may be based not only on a design flaw such as an inadequate guard, but also may be based on insufficient safety labeling, warnings or instructions. Lastly, you should know that product liability cases may be brought under a legal theory called “strict liability.” This theory allows an injured consumer to recover against the defendants even where the defendants were not negligent. Of course, there are special defenses available to the defendants in a strict liability case. We always recommend a face to face meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer to explore in depth these and other issues invariably found in Product Liability cases. Call or visit our website to learn more
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