We are in at the financial disclosure stage of our divorce process, and he has not disclose all assets.

Charolette (Guest) on Monday, December 03 2012, 05:08 PM
I have found bank statements, and I now have the account #s and know the exact amount. He works with a local developer in Rockland, MA. His income fluctuates based on what they build and sell, I had no idea he was depositing some of his income in another savings account. What happens now?
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    Replied by Attorney Bruce Watson on Monday, December 03 2012, 05:14 PM · Hide · #1
    Your husband’s deliberate omission of this account from financial statements filed with the court, documents produced to you or your attorney and from his answers to interrogatories amounts to a fraud on the court and will effectively destroy his credibility with the Court. You can force him to correct the Financial Statements he has filed with the Court. If he violated a particular court order by omitting this important information, you can file a complaint for contempt, which should result in his paying your legal fees, at least for the contempt. If you have already signed a Divorce Agreement, you should formally revoke your approval at once, and if the provisional Decree nisi has already issued, you can and should challenge the decree regarding the division of property as it was based on your husband’s fraudulent representations.
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