Dedham MA DUI OUI charges

Chris (Guest) on Wednesday, December 05 2012, 08:45 AM
I was driving home on route 128 towards my home in Dedham at 10 PM. While trying to light a cigarette, dropped the lighter, and when trying to catch it, the car swerved. I pulled the car back straight and saw police lights in my rearview mirror. I was exhausted afterworking a double shift and didn’t perform the field sobriety test very well. I was arrested by the Dedham, MA police for OUI. Can I really be charged with DUI with no breath or blood test? What should I do?
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    Replied by Attorney James Milligan on Wednesday, December 05 2012, 08:51 AM · Hide · #1
    It sounds like you have a great case to fight and defend. I assume we can document your hours. Also, the field tests generally are not a reliable indicator of impairment. For a free consultation from a board Certified MA OUI lawyer give me a call or go to
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