hit and run, with park vehcile only. no one was in these cars. It was a domino effect when I hit the first vehcile.

Luis (Guest) on Monday, December 10 2012, 06:00 AM
I panic and run, I called my friend i was hurt and he took me to the hospital. Later I did call my insurance company. I went to the poloce station to report that my car was stolen. I was scared and I'm 21 yrs old.
first time anything like this ever happen to me.
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    Replied by Attorney Michael Franklin on Wednesday, December 12 2012, 04:16 PM · Hide · #1
    If you fraudulently reported your car to be stolen and you in fact were driving the car that hit the parked vehicle you must immediately clarify this with both the police and your insurance company. Charges may result but the fact that you corrected these mistakes will be a major mitigating factor for your defense. You should call an attorney to discuss your situation in further detail. Good luck.
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