I believe an employee is stealing from my business. What are my next steps?

Sydney (Guest) on Thursday, January 10 2013, 08:25 AM
I own a small business in the Boston Metroest area and I suspect one of my employees is stealing from me. What do I need to do? Contact an attorney? the police? Can I install a video surveillance without notifying the employees?
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    Replied by Attorney Jack Merrill on Thursday, January 10 2013, 08:29 AM · Hide · #1
    If you think one of your workers is stealing, undertake your own investigation to start. I trust you have a sense how this is being done and can review financial or bank records for evidence. You might also find other ways to watch a particular employee’s conduct on the job, either yourself or by enlisting another employee to help you. If none of this is practical or if it simply does not work, a direct confrontation with the worker may be in order. You might be surprised to learn that thieves often fess up when confronted, especially if they are surprised by questioning, when even a denial can suggest guilt because of the way it is delivered. Remember that as an employer, you are generally free to terminate your employees when you want, with or without cause. If you believe a worker is stealing, you can summarily terminate him/her for that reason. If you obtain evidence of actual theft, job termination and a call to the local police may be in order.

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