Is an employer allowed to call and text a salaried employee when they are off of work and utilizing a sick day or a vacation day?

Terry (Guest) on Thursday, March 14 2013, 06:42 AM
I am caring for a sick parent and am under an excessive amount of stress at work. I had to take a few days off of work due to anxiety and have a doctor's note indicating that the sick days were medically required. During my first two days away from work, my employer called and texted me several times a day requesting information on a high priority project. In not so many works, it was communicated that I was expected to return to work prior to what was prescribed by my doctor. Is this legal?
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    Replied by The Editor on Friday, March 15 2013, 10:41 AM · Hide · #1
    I'm very sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time. It must be very difficult to care for your parent while also managing the stress of work. Although your employer may not be breaking the law by contacting you and asking you to return to work, they are obviously displaying a lack of sensitivity and compassion which is just a shame. Please remember, Massachusetts is an "at will" state which means if you are employed at will, your employer does not need good cause to fire you nor do you need to provide a reason to quit. Good luck and I hope this turns out well for you.
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