Under Massachusetts law would this situation be considered an assault?

Dean (Guest) on Thursday, October 18 2012, 10:02 AM
Last Saturday at 10 AM I started power washing our house. My neighbor charged out of his house and started screaming profanities at me while on my property about how I always wake him up. The altercation didn’t get physical but at first he wouldn’t get off my property when I asked him to and he threatened me. Is this considered assault under MA law and what can I do to protect ourselves and our home?
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    Replied by Attorney Michael Franklin on Thursday, October 18 2012, 10:16 AM · Hide · #1
    In this particular situation, a trespass occurred when your neighbor came onto your property and wouldn’t leave when you asked him to. If you reasonably believed he was going to cause you harm when he came onto your property and you believed he was capable of doing harm and this placed you in fear, then under the law of Massachusetts, an assault occurred. You should report this to the local police immediately and request they keep an eye on the situation.
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