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Jeanne S. Kangas
Concord, MA
Experience: 39 Years
Family Law
Wills & Probate
My practice areas include civil litigation, municipal law, real estate, and family law. I am the past President for the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. I consider my law practice a general practice with a focus in Massa...[ Learn more… ]

John G. Dugan
Franklin, MA
Experience: 44 Years
Estate Planning
Wills & Probate
Elder Law
I have practiced law in Massachusetts since 1975, and I concentrates in the areas of trusts and estates, probate and family law. I am a 1972 graduate of Holy Cross and a 1975 graduate of Suffolk University School of Law. I have...[ Learn more… ]

Margaret Cross Beliveau
Waltham, MA
Experience: 19 Years
Estate Planning
Elder Law
Wills & Probate
I have experience implementing asset protection plans, family business entities such as Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and valuation discounting.  I focus my practice on estate planni...[ Learn more… ]

Alan S. Fanger
Wellesley, MA
Experience: 32 Years
Wills & Probate
Trial & Litigation
I am a litigation attorney. I handle disputes primarily regarding business, real estate, and probate related matters. Litigation often requires creative, outside-the-box thinking. I pride myself on using creative approaches that i...[ Learn more… ]

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