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Amy Beth Baron
North Andover, MA
Experience: 18 Years
Family Law
I am an attorney, mediator and registered nurse.  My family mediation and law practice includes the areas of divorce (pre-during-post), modification, custody, guardianships and elder care.  I invite you to contact me directly wi...[ Learn more… ]

Allan L. Baron
North Andover, MA
Experience: 31 Years
Estate Planning
Elder Law
Real Estate
I have been practicing individual centered law for over 20 years in the areas of divorce, real estate, estate planning, business matters, probate, and elder issues. My desire to better serve my clients in estate, business and inve...[ Learn more… ]

S. Tracy Fischer
Danvers, MA
Experience: 32 Years
Family Law
Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation and is often the best option for couples. I am an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator and family mediator, and I help clients find the best way to resolve their divo...[ Learn more… ]

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