Attorneys In Suffolk County

Liam C. Floyd
Boston, MA
Experience: 28 Years
Trial & Litigation
Personal Injury
I devote my client work to personal injury; product liability; medical malpractice; business law; employment law; probate; real estate and all litigation in state and federal courts. I welcome you to contact me regarding any Massa...[ Learn more… ]

Gary Owen Todd
Boston, MA
Experience: 28 Years
Family Law
I have successfully negotiated, mediated and tried family law issues ranging from divorce, custody and parental rights to complex support, property division, removal, modification, and contempt actions, both at the trial court ...[ Learn more… ]

Susan Grossberg
Boston, MA
Experience: 27 Years
I am a Boston bankruptcy attorney assisting individuals and small businesses in the greater Boston area. I offer a no-charge initial phone consultation to discuss your current financial situation and outline alternatives that m...[ Learn more… ]

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